Being Part of the “Larger” Church « Building the Continuum

Being Part of the “Larger” Church « Building the Continuum.

This post is worth reading. If the Episcopal Church is changing, if its structures need rethinking, what do we need to fund?  My answer lies with efforts like faith formation prior to increasing funding in things like lobbying in Washington, DC. Contact your General Convention deputies if you share similar priorities regarding the budget to be voted on at General Convention.



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2 responses to “Being Part of the “Larger” Church « Building the Continuum

  1. Leslie Watson

    The church is restructuring because the “funding” is going away, along with throngs of Episcoplians, into the vast “Spiritual but not Religious” crowd that gather on Sundays at parks and playgrounds, in restaurants & shopping malls, in front of TV sets to watch sports – anywhere but within the four walls of a structure that holds no relevance for them anymore.
    Yes, it is about faith formation within 21st century America.
    And it is with attention and with what little money we have, that we should focus on the role of clergy and the use of “church” buildings in the 21st century, understanding deeply what currents are stirring the generations of today and how an ancient faith can effectively respond to those stirrings in new ways to teach about right relationships with others (including the less fortunate and those in trouble) and with our endangered environment, and how to have and create hope here and now.
    I agree that restructuring of the church is more than just a response to decreasing funding & support – it is about a response to a paradigm or message delivery system that no longer works. It offers the opportunity to re-evaluate our very foundation for why we exist in our current form – or at all. It is an opportunity to renew our faith from the bottom up. I believe we are on the cusp of another “Great Awakening” – that is my optimistic view.

    • Thanks for that perspective, Leslie, it is really helpful. I am very heartened by the way in which social media has allowed people to engage with this budget issue, especially in the way people have begun to voice their hopes for how the church might more fully live out its call to make disciples of Christ. I agree, despite all the news, there is reason for optimism. We are a resurrection people!

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